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General dentistry involves everything from routine cleanings, all the way up through elaborate root canals. Warrenville, Illinois’ top general dentists, Susan Mazzei, DDS and Kelsey Esposito, DMD, offer a wide range of dental services under one roof. Whether you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, or have an urgent toothache that needs immediate care, the team at West Suburban Oral Healthcare can help you. With flexible scheduling available throughout the week, you can book an appointment that’s convenient for you either over the phone or online.

Periodontal Dentistry Q & A

What does a general dentist do?

A general dentist can care for any issues involving your teeth, gums, and overall oral health. They have specialized training in caring for patients of all ages, from young children, up through older adults. Your general dentist often performs the following services:

  • Routine cleanings and exams
  • Oral cancer screenings
  • Fillings and root canals
  • Crowns, bridges, and dentures
  • Cosmetic dentistry

The general dentists at West Suburban Oral Healthcare even have extensive training in preventing and treating advanced stages of gum disease by performing root planing.

This isn’t an all-inclusive list. These are just some of the most commonly requested services that your general dentist offers.

How often should I see a general dentist?

It’s typically recommended to see your general dentist twice per year.

These visits involve preventive care by evaluating your overall oral health, taking updated X-rays, and conducting a thorough cleaning. Even if you have a picture-perfect at-home oral hygiene plan, you still need professional teeth cleanings to remove stuck-on plaque and tartar.

You can certainly schedule visits in between routine appointments if you experience sudden tooth pain or have an oral injury.

In some cases, you could also need more frequent routine dental visits. For instance, if you have diabetes, you’re prone to dry mouth, which could increase your risk of decay.

So if you have a chronic health condition, your dentist might recommend scheduling appointments more than the standard two times per year.

Is there a difference between restorative and cosmetic dentistry?

Yes, although your general dentist performs both types of treatments.

Restorative dentistry involves restoring a damaged or decayed tooth. If you have a deep cavity that requires a root canal, for example, you’re getting a restorative treatment to get the tooth back to a healthy state.

Cosmetic dentistry involves making healthy teeth look their best. This could include something as simple as a professional teeth whitening treatment, or a custom Invisalign® teeth straightening plan.

The specialized team at West Suburban Oral Healthcare offers many cosmetic dentistry solutions for every smile — and every budget — so you can get the confidence-boosting smile you deserve.

Book your appointment with the caring general dentists at West Suburban Oral Healthcare either by calling the office or by using the online scheduler.