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Have you recently lost a tooth and are curious about your dental options? Dr. Susan Mazzei and Dr. Kelsey Esposito at West Suburban Oral Healthcare in Warrenville, Illinois offer implant crowns, a restorative dental method for improving your smile. Call West Suburban Oral Healthcare today or request an appointment online to learn more.

Implant Crowns

How does a traditional dental crown differ from a dental implant crown?

A dental crown restores your smile by duplicating both the function and appearance of your natural and healthy teeth.

While your natural tooth’s root structure supports a traditional dental crown, the providers at Western Suburban Oral Health use a dental implant crown when your natural tooth’s roots are no longer viable.

Your dentist first needs to insert a dental implant before attaching the new crown on top of the implant later on.

How does a dental implant crown work?

After either the natural loss of a tooth or a surgical tooth extraction, the providers at West Suburban Oral Healthcare insert a dental implant into your gum to replace the root of your tooth. This dental implant provides the support for your dental implant crown.

After inserting the implant, your West Suburban Oral Healthcare provider takes a mold of the implant to manufacture a unique dental crown, suited to your mouth and tooth alignment.

Later on, your provider attaches this dental crown to your implant, restoring the shape of your missing tooth. The attachment process involves an abutment, or a connector, typically made out of strong ceramic.

The providers at West Suburban Oral Healthcare either bond or screw the dental implant crown to the abutment of your implant. The abutment helps to support your implant, allowing you to chew and bite down with the same amount of force as with a natural tooth.

How can you care for your dental implant crown?

Maintaining good oral hygiene is key to the success of your new dental implant crown. The providers at West Suburban Oral Healthcare recommend brushing and flossing your new crown at least twice a day, just like you do for your natural teeth.

Regular professional cleaning visits will help keep your surrounding tissue healthy and good as new.

If you’re interested in learning more about your restorative dental options, don’t hesitate to call the providers at West Suburban Oral Healthcare. You can also schedule an appointment online. They will be happy to determine if a dental implant crown is the right choice for your smile.